Different ways to smoke tobacco

October 15, 2019

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Humans have enjoyed smoking tobacco and other herbs since forever, and have come up with many different smoking methods over the years. Each method has its pros and cons, and have fallen in and out of popularity at certain stages. In this article we look at the different ways to smoke tobacco, and break down why some methods are better than others.


In modern times, cigarettes have been the most common way to smoke tobacco. Since cigarettes consist of only a few cheap materials (tobacco, rolling paper, PVA glue, and a filter) they are incredibly cheap to mass-produce and transport. Cigarettes are a disposable item, and the packaging is conveniently sized to fit inside a pocket or handbag. It is for these reasons (plus the social influence of Hollywood films during the 20th century) that made cigarettes the most popular form of smoking tobacco. That being said, the filters used in cigarettes don’t do a great job of filtering out all the nasty toxins, when compared to other superior filtration systems.

Tobacco Pipes

Once synonymous with high society, tobacco pipes have fallen out of favour in recent history. No longer the most convenient way to smoke tobacco (overtaken by cigarettes), and not offering the most pleasant smoking experience, tobacco pipes find themselves in the smoking equivalent of “no man’s land”. If you’re an avid pipe smoker, you can’t leave the home without your pipe, tobacco pouch, matches or cigarette lighter, stoker, and maybe pipe filters – that’s a lot to remember! So tobacco pipes might not be the simplest way to smoke, but they look cool and can be a great conversation starter (how often do you see people smoking pipes?).


Even more so than cigarettes, cigars are a completely disposable method of smoking tobacco. However unlike cigarettes, the manufacturing process is considerably more time-consuming, with the best cigars being hand-rolled. Aside from being the most expensive way to smoke tobacco, cigars take a long time to smoke, and are therefore enjoyed in moderation. Also cigars don’t include a filter, so cigar smokers inhale more of the by-products from burning tobacco.

Hookah Pipes and Water Pipes

If you seek the best smoking experience, filtering tobacco smoke through water in either a shisha pipe or water pipe is the way to go. While water pipes are more common for personal use, hookah pipes can service lots of smokers at the same time, with multiple hoses and a much larger bowl. Flavoured tobacco is regularly smoked through these, as the experience is more about savouring the taste instead of getting a quick nicotine fix. Neither water pipes nor shisha pipes are designed for smoking on the go, so are best left at home. And if you’re not a fan of tobacco or nicotine, you can smoke herbal mixes like Heaven Leaf teabacco out of a hookah pipe or water pipe.


Vaporizers (also known as vapes or e-cigarettes) are the most recent player to enter the tobacco game. Vaporizers gained in popularity due to their convenience and the assumed health benefits of inhaling vapour instead of smoke. There are even different types of vaporizers, with some designed for use with traditional tobacco leaves, and others that atomise a liquid tobacco solution call e-liquid or vape juice. Like hookah pipes, vaporizers can be used to inhale flavoured tobacco, which has helped increase popularity with young adults. However over the last year or so, there have been a number of unknown health issues that have been attributed to vaping, and more research needs to be conducted over the long-term health effects of using a vaporiser.

No matter who you are or how you like to enjoy smoking, there’s a method to suit you. We might be biased, but if you’re looking for the best smoking experience you can’t go past the hookah pipe. Especially nowadays where you can buy tobacco online, enjoying shisha has never been easier.

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