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March 15, 2021

Image of Hookain Intensify Stones and hookah bowl

When we hear the words hookah, nargileh, argileh, or qalyan, typically the first thought that comes to mind is shisha tobacco. Shisha tobacco is made from fermenting tobacco leaves with honey, molasses, or glycerine together with flavouring to create a smoking sensation that's sweeter and smoother than just tobacco on its own. Tobacco leaves naturally contain the highly addictive stimulant nicotine, which more and more shisha smokers are trying to avoid. Until recently there were very few alternatives to shisha tobacco, however various herbal options are entering the hookah market. In this month's blog article, we look at some of the different brands and types of herbal shisha available.

Heaven Leaf shisha teabacco

Substituting tea leaves for tobacco leaves is a great way to eliminate nicotine, and that's exactly what Heaven Leaf did when they created shisha teabacco. Heaven Leaf teabacco combines OP grade black tea leaves sourced from Ceylon with 100% natural sugar syrup, plus the actual extracts of flavours for a totally herbal remedy. Heaven Leaf shisha teabacco produces some serious smoke thanks to the sugar syrup, but without the harshness or burnt taste sometimes associated with molasses-based shisha. Buy Heaven Leaf shisha teabacco online.

Hookain Intensify Stones

Steam stones offer quite a different experience to smoking traditional shisha tobacco. Unlike shisha that is made from plant-based substances like tobacco leaves or tea leaves, steam stones are special porous rocks that have been cleaned then coated in a flavoured liquid molasses. So while tobacco leaves and tea leaves combust (burn) and release flavoured smoke when subjected to the heat from the hookah coals, the flavoured liquid molasses coating on the stones vaporises and emits a flavoured steam that is inhaled by the hookah smoker. The steam stones themselves can withstand high temperatures and therefore do not combust. Since the flavoured liquid molasses is added to the steam stones, the manufacturer can choose to include or exclude nicotine during production. Hookain Intensify Stones are the herbal / nicotine-free variant of its steam stones and are a fantastic choice for anyone wanting to dodge nicotine. Since the steam stones release a vapour, they are free from tar too. Hookain Intensify Stones can also be mixed with other herbal shisha or shisha tobacco to produce different flavours or thicker clouds of smoke. Buy Hookain Intensify Stones online.

Soex herbal molasses

Indian hookah company Soex has a product that they call herbal molasses which is its nicotine-free shisha variant. Soex herbal molasses uses shredded sugarcane fibres instead of tobacco or tea leaves, and as its name suggests is mixed with molasses like typical shisha tobacco. However, Soex herbal molasses feels more oily than sticky, which some might find strange when packing a bowl. While Soex herbal molasses is an option for those wishing to skip nicotine, the flavours are a bit artificial in both taste and smell.

Hydro Herbal

Similar to Soex herbal molasses, Hydro Herbal is made from pulped sugarcane and molasses and is therefore nicotine-free. Hydro Herbal produces a nice thick plume of smoke but also suffers from artificial tastes and smells. Hydro Herbal is a well-known US brand though and is easier to find stock of compared to Soex.

Karizma herbal molasses

Karizma announced itself to the hookah community at the Hookah Expo Worldwide 2019 in Las Vegas and has been growing in popularity ever since. Produced in Jordan, Karizma herbal molasses is said to be made from 100% organic materials, although the parent company Everest Tobacco doesn't specify which plant-based materials. Karizma herbal molasses flavours seem more natural compared to Soex and Hydro Herbal too.

We hope this article has brought to your attention some of the tobacco and nicotine free shisha options you may not have heard about. Be sure to read our blog article for a more detailed look into the differences between tobacco and teabacco.

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