Hookah pipe styles and designs

October 15, 2020

Image of Khalil Maamoon hookah pipe, Amy Deluxe hookah pipe, Sultan Nargile hookah pipe, and Shisha Works Sienna shisha kit

Hookah pipes in Australia come in many different styles, with design influences from all corners of the world. Most traditional shisha pipes hail from the Middle East, where shisha tobacco has been smoked for hundreds (if not thousands) of years. Modern hookah pipes are being manufactured all over the globe, and even more traditional countries like Turkey are now producing both modern and traditional shishas. In Australia, the most popular shisha pipes are traditional Egyptian style hookahs like Khalil Maamoon, traditional and modern Turkish brands such as Sultan Nargile and Legend Hookah, modern German shishas like Aventus Hookah and Amy Deluxe, and Russian hookah designs like those from Alpha Hookah. In this month’s blog article, we take a closer look at some of these different shisha pipes so you can find a hookah that suits you best.

Khalil Maamoon

A true testament to traditional Egyptian hookahs, Khalil Maamoon are one of the best-known shisha brands in the world and make a large range of both beautiful and functional shisha pipes. Handmade in Cairo Egypt, Khalil Maamoon hookahs feature magnificent hand painted glass bases, decorative stems, clay bowls, and traditional coiled metal hoses with a woven leather exterior. Depending on the model, Khalil Maamoon shishas may come standard with ice chambers, metal ash trays, breathers, and multiple hose fittings, so you won’t have to worry about accessorising your new shisha kit. Buy Khalil Maamoon hookah pipes online.

Sultan Nargile

Turkish hookah brand Sultan Nargile offers the best of both worlds, bringing modern manufacturing techniques to traditional shisha pipe styles, as well as offering a range of modern hookah designs. The classic looking models feature cast brass stems and woven leather hoses with wooden handles as you would expect from a traditional Turkish hookah, but add stainless steel down pipes and Click-Lock systems to improve shisha smoking performance and durability. Sultan Nargile’s more modern hookahs contain even more stainless steel components, Click-Lock systems, and silicone hoses for even greater durability. Sultan Nargile even offer a travel shisha kit with a sturdy aluminium base, for when you need to take your hookah over to a mate’s place. Buy Sultan Nargile hookah pipes online.

Legend Hookah

Made in Turkey, Legend Hookah has some of the most futuristic and novel shisha pipe designs you can find. Containing stainless steel and glass components, Legend Hookah make high quality shisha kits for those looking for something a bit different. For example, Legend Hookah has hookah pipes with telescopic stems, telescopic mouthpieces, built-in molasses catchers, and multiple hose ports. Buy Legend Hookah shisha pipes online.

Aventus Hookah

German shisha pipe brand Aventus Hookah produce some beautiful modern designs, combining large glass bases with exclusively stainless steel components for a superior smoking experience. The popular Aventus One shisha kit comes with either a painted or clear glass base, and includes a whopping 4 (yes, four) hose connections so that you and your friends can all smoke together. Aventus Hookah also have a shisha kit created to fit inside a car drink holder, for smoking shisha on the go. Buy Aventus Hookah shisha pipes online.

Amy Deluxe

Also out of Germany, Amy Deluxe sell both modern and traditional style hookah pipes, sporting coloured glass bases, aluminium and stainless steel components, silicone hoses, and bowls equipped with heat shields and heat management systems. One cool feature that can be found on some Amy Deluxe models is their ball jointed hose attachments, which provides 360-degree rotation of the hose to avoid kinking. Buy Amy Deluxe hookah pipes online.

Unique shisha kits

Shisha Works also stock other unique hookah designs. The Sienna shisha kit is based on the Russian style Alpha S model, with decorative anodised aluminium components, removable defuser, and a magnetic hose connector. The Carbon Click shisha kit is a carbon fibre variation of the Polish Wookah hookah brand, with a cool ripple-effect vase, metal ash tray, and Click-Lock system.

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