How to pack a shisha phunnel bowl

June 21, 2022

How to pack a shisha phunnel bowl

How do you pack your phunnel bowl?

That is a question we get asked a lot especially with customers who buy the Mr. Eds shisha range.  There are infinite ways to pack a Hookah bowl and we all do it a little differently.  However, for this blog we are going to show you the Shisha Works way.

There is no one way that suit everyone, it does depend on your bowl, shisha flavour and other shisha accessories you are using, but this is our version.

This simple but effective system of shisha bowl packing will work for most styles.

Let’s get started, we are using the following shisha accessories for this packing session.

  • Shisha bowl/head (phunnel style)
  • Shisha Fork
  • Shisha Poker
  • Shisha Foil
  • Hookah Flavour, we are using tobacco

First start by using your fork to pack your bowl it’s always a great idea to do this over your tobacco container as any tobacco that may spill over will fall back into your container.

When packing your shisha bowl using a fork add a little at a time, slowly and lightly fluff pack it in the bowl. Work your way around to fill to the center hole height, then using the fork lightly tap the tobacco down away from the rim of the bowl.

Then it’s a great idea using your poker to lightly move the tobacco around to fill any holes that are visible and this then ensures you get an even pack and the shisha tobacco or hookah herbal flavour will heat up evenly.

Use a paper towel, clean any liquid from the rim of bowl so it doesn’t burn when you place the coal on top of your when its ready.

How to cover your bowl with shisha foil.

Time to foil your bowl, its common practice to use your foil shiny side down, as it is believed to keep in heat better.

Placing foil shiny side down, getting a nice drum like fit on the bowl, this will help and ensure your coal doesn’t roll to the middle of the bowl. Coal rolling from sagging foil will create too much heat that may cause your flavour to burn.

How to poke holes in your shisha foil.

The simplest way to poke holes in your shisha foil is to start but poking one hole in the center of the bowl to get you started, then working from the outside in.

Get an even space between holes and it is not just to look good but to assist with managing the heat distribution. 

Start at 12 o’clock 3, 6, 9 then the rest 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10 and 11 then you simply start a new row in and do the similar process. Then repeat again until you have 3 to 4 round circles fully completed. The number of rows to complete is dependent on your bowl size.  The larger the bowl more circles of holes will need to be completed.

Sometimes we will take off the foil and cut a nice rim to help make it look cleaner also ensure that the bowl is not completely covered in foil.  This process also aides in ensuring that the foil on can be applied as tightly as possible.

Next either add your screen saver on top of the foil if you are opting for one, or simply place your coals directly on to the foil. Both options work well, however we prefer to use a screen as we find it helps with heat management.

Last step is to place your coal on the bowl. Any shisha coals can be used.  Our preference is cubes and today we are starting with 4 coals evenly spread out to the outer edge of the bowl to allow it to heat up. Over the next 3 to 5 minutes as the bowl heats, we will then reduce our coals to 3 and spread them evenly apart to manage the heat and then it is time to have the first puff.

So that’s how we create our phunnel bowls at HQ, what are your key tips or tricks for packing your phunnel bowls? Share them via the message link or on our social pages.

In the meantime if you are needing to update your bowl, shop now and the new Mr Eds range of bowls is dropping in July, so be sure to sign up for our Newsletter to hear when they have landed.

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