Introducing Tabaku – the ultimate shisha tobacco experience and best flavours

July 15, 2020

Image of Tabaku shisha tobacco sold by Shisha Works

Get excited because we sure are! Shisha Works is proud to introduce Tabaku – the ultimate shisha tobacco experience. Unlike traditional shisha tobacco such as Al Fakher, Al-Waha, or Nakhla, Tabaku shisha comes with the raw, chopped tobacco separated from the liquid molasses flavouring, for mixing prior to smoking. The premium grade Virginia leaf tobacco found in Tabaku shisha is processed in Germany under the strictest quality control measures, for a light taste and ultra-smooth smoking experience. You won't find any stems/stalks, artificial colours or dyes in Tabaku, the quality is on full display the second you open the container of tobacco leaf.

Benefits of Tabaku shisha tobacco

You're now most likely wondering what other benefits there are for buying shisha where the tobacco and liquid molasses flavouring comes separated. Just like other perishables such as meat, fruit and vegetables, the quality of traditional shisha tobacco (also known as mu'assel) deteriorates over time and is at its freshest soon after mixing the flavoured molasses, honey, or sugar syrup with the raw tobacco (e.g. back in the overseas factory long before it is received by the customer). With Tabaku shisha, the dry-cured, chopped tobacco is mixed with the liquid molasses flavouring once the customer receives the product, resulting in super fresh and smooth smoking sessions for up to 2 years after mixing (when properly stored). Not only will the shisha tobacco stay fresher for longer, you'll also experience less wastage when smoking Tabaku, not to mention it's cleaner to prepare a bowl. Even your hookah pipe will thank you, as it won't get as sticky and will therefore be easier to clean.

To recap the advantages of Tabaku shisha tobacco:

  • Premium grade Virginia leaf tobacco, processed in Germany to the highest quality standards to ensure stems/stalks, artificial colours or dyes aren't included
  • Tobacco leaf is packaged separate from liquid molasses flavouring for the freshest smoking experience
  • Cleaner to smoke, and cleaner to handle
  • Security sealed plain packaging, compliant with Australian federal laws

How to mix Tabaku shisha tobacco

Mixing Tabaku shisha is dead easy. Shake the bottle of liquid molasses flavouring well, then simply pour the entire bottle over the premium grade Virginia leaf tobacco in the container provided and mix thoroughly with a kitchen fork before closing the lid back on the container. Wait 24 hours for the liquid molasses flavouring to properly soak into tobacco leaf and you're ready to start packing a hookah bowl (Tabaku works best with a phunnel style bowl). Once mixed, store Tabaku at room temperature in the sealed container for up to 2 years. Feel free to chop the tobacco leaf to a smaller, more uniform size beforehand to avoid the shisha mix sticking together in the hookah bowl for a more consistent burn.

Image of mixing Tabaku liquid molasses flavouring over premium grade Virginia leaf tobacco

Best Tabaku shisha tobacco flavours

With 20 Tabaku flavours already available at the time of writing and more in the pipeline, the next question is which flavours you should try first. Our (lucky) R&D department have been working around the clock (from home of course) testing all the Tabaku flavours to work out which are the best. In actual fact, they're all amazing but here are our recommendations to get you started:

Tabaku Two Apples (Double Apple) shisha tobacco – available in 100 g, and 1 kg

Tabaku Blueberry Mint shisha tobacco – available in 100 g and 250 g

Tabaku African Queen shisha tobacco – available in 100 g and 250 g

Tabaku is 100% legally imported

Don't confuse Tabaku shisha with liquid nicotine or e-liquids; Tabaku is at the other end of the quality spectrum (i.e. the best quality). Tabaku shisha is 100% legally imported to Australia and sold in plain packaging compliant with Australian federal laws.

Although the shelf-life of Tabaku is ridiculously long, our initial batch of stock is selling out fast. We're still pumping out the online orders to ensure our customers lockdown life is little bit easier to cope with, so place an order today and remember to smoke responsibly.

Warning: Tabaku contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. Quitline 13 78 48.

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