Shisha catering is making events fun again

March 13, 2019

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Think back to the last party or event you attended. Regardless of the occasion or theme, we're guessing that the entertainment included music, food, and alcoholic beverages; are we right? Those three elements might be the staples of a successful party, but they're not exactly exciting or unique are they? For hundreds of years humans have enjoyed smoking shisha in the comfort of their own homes, as well as at restaurants, hookah bars and shisha lounges. But how many times have you been at an event or function where shisha was served? Probably not many, but we're sure you remember each instance quite clearly. And why is that? Because shisha is fun and exotic even if you're not smoking, and goes perfectly with music, food, and alcohol. So then why don't we see shisha offered at more events???

Why are we only just starting to hear about hiring hookah pipes for functions?

While it is easy to cater to a small group of people with only one hookah, or lots of people at an established venue with lots of hookahs, up until recently it has been too expensive and impractical to service a once-off function. For an event, it's expected that each table has its own hookah, and enough shisha tobacco and coal provided to satisfy multiple bowls out of each hookah. To fill this void, more and more shisha catering businesses are popping up all over Australia, especially in big party cities such as Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, and the Gold Coast. These shisha caterers will deliver argilehs (hookahs), mu'assel (shisha tobacco), and other shisha necessities to your venue and can even help with setting up and serving throughout the event, depending on the business.

Why would event attendees find shisha fun?

Visually, hookahs can be a great centrepiece at tables, especially when the shisha caterers use premium hookahs, with different coloured vases and sometimes even coloured neon lighting or LED light stands. Some shisha caterers have the skills to create bowls made from real fruit – pineapple, apple, grapefruit etc. – that look fantastic and add subtle flavours to the shisha mix. But most interestingly, it's the action of sharing the hookah with others (more commonly known as “passing the pipe”) that brings people together and acts as a catalyst to great conversation – which is pretty important at a party or function. Oh, and no need to worry about hygiene when every guest receives their own disposable mouth piece.

But if guests don't smoke cigarettes, why would they be interested in smoking shisha?

Hmmm, but how can shisha catering be popular when smoking is socially frowned upon nowadays? Well for starters, smoking shisha doesn't have quite the stigma that smoking cigarettes does. Like we said above, smoking shisha brings people together and is an attention grabber, whereas designated cigarette smoking areas are usually dark, smelly and separate from the actual party. Aside from this, some shisha catering services offer herbal shisha, that is free from tobacco and much more popular with non-smokers. At Shisha Works we serve Heaven Leaf teabacco when we cater events, which is made from 100% all-natural black tea leaves and therefore doesn't contain nicotine. We regularly receive feedback from event attendees that Heaven Leaf teabacco tastes much better and is less harsh than smoking tobacco, and that they really enjoyed the added vibe that the shisha catering brought to the event.

What's included in a premium shisha catering service?

So the next time you've got an event to organise – whether it be a corporate function, office party, wedding, or family celebration – add some flair with shisha catering. If you're in Melbourne, Shisha Works can provide an upmarket, luxurious service that includes the following:

  • An exquisite range of premium hookah pipes in both modern and traditional styles that will help create a stunning visual backdrop, in tune with the event theme.
  • Over 30 delectable flavours of Heaven Leaf teabacco to choose from.
  • Custom Shisha cocktails designed to perfectly match the event theme or preference.
  • Courteous, professional staff to pack and refill pipes, change coals or bowls and attend to guest needs throughout the event to keep the elegant, sophisticated atmosphere rolling from start to finish.
  • For an additional touch of style and class, customised coloured, alcohol-infused hookah vases can be provided.

Call us today on 1300 FLAVOR (1300 352 867) and we'll be happy to provide you with further information or a quotation for a customised package that will perfectly fit your vision.

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