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Shisha Delivery in Sydney

September 02, 2019

Image of shisha delivery van

Shisha delivery has become very popular in Australia, especially for occasional shisha smokers who don’t own a hookah pipe. Not to be confused with shisha catering and events (that cater to large functions requiring many hookah pipes to suit certain themes), if you have a small function or party, shisha delivery services can deliver hookah pipes, shisha tobacco and teabacco, and even fruit heads right to your door on short notice. How easy is that!

Although premium shisha kits aren’t overly expensive to buy, a lot of people prefer the benefits of hiring a hookah pipe for special occasions – there’s no storage, cleaning, or preparation required, and no need to worry about whether you’ve run out of your favourite flavour of shisha tobacco – as everything can be provided by the shisha delivery service. Seriously, the best shisha delivery services can supply coals, replacement tips, ice chambers, tongs, multiple hose setups; basically any hookah accessory or related product you could think of or need for a hookah session. This can be lifesaving when you have limited time to organise things for a party, as shisha delivery businesses bring everything to you, so you don’t have to be rushing all around town picking up supplies.

Some shisha delivery services are now catering to health-conscious hookah smokers who prefer a herbal mix over traditional shisha tobacco. We are finding more and more shisha delivery services around Australia ordering Heaven Leaf teabacco from us, a sign that a growing number of shisha smokers are trying to avoid nasty chemicals found in tobacco such as nicotine. If this is important to you and your guests, be sure to shop around to find a shisha delivery service that does offer teabacco (or other herbal alternatives). If you’re unsure, don’t be afraid to ask as most shisha delivery services can quickly source special requests.

When it comes to fruit heads, some people enjoy the act of sculpting their own, however most hookah smokers are just interested in the end result. This is a major plus of using a shisha delivery service as they can sculpt professional fruit heads out of pineapples, oranges, watermelons, apples etc., and deliver fresh direct to you. Fruit heads are always a crowd-pleaser, so if you haven’t had the pleasure of smoking out of one yet, make sure you order one the next time you’re planning a big shisha session; your guests will love you for it!

Out of all the cities in Australia, shisha delivery is probably most popular in Sydney. There are heaps of different businesses to choose from, each with different product offerings, delivery areas, and operating hours. We’ll leave it up to you to choose the most appropriate shisha delivery service for you, but here is a list of Sydney shisha delivery businesses that we’ve heard good things about:

Shisha Kings

Phone: 0416 835 808


Chief Shisha

Phone: 0416 551 846


Shisha Drop

Phone: 0414 000 010


Shisha 4 Hire

Phone: 0435 125 001


The Shisha Lab

Phone: 0424 002 622


Hookah Brother Up

Phone: 0416 835 808

If you know of a great shisha delivery service anywhere in Australia, we’d love to hear from you. Email the details to and we will make sure to check it out soon (if we haven’t already!). Oh, and we’re always looking for great shisha cafes, bars, and lounges when we’re travelling interstate, so please email us your own recommended venues so we can come share a hookah pipe with you.

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