Top 20 Al Waha flavours

May 15, 2020

Image of Al Waha shisha tobacco flavours available from Shisha Works

Al Waha Tobacco is one of the most popular shisha tobacco brands worldwide, offering hookah smokers literally hundreds of different flavours to choose from. Established in 1972, Al Waha (meaning “the oasis” when translated into English) employs over 600 workers and exports its delectable shisha tobacco to over 33 countries from its Jordanian production facility. Thankfully for Aussie hookah smokers, Shisha Works distributes Al-Waha shisha tobacco from its Melbourne warehouse, complementing the Heaven Leaf shisha teabacco sold through the Shisha Works online store. Right now though, you're probably more concerned with which Al Waha flavours to select with so many to pick from? We've smoked our fair share of Al Waha flavours over the years, and we're here to help you choose by listing our top 20 Al-Waha shisha tobacco flavours.

Please note: Images of Al-Waha packaging may differ from products sold by Shisha Works.

Image of Al-Waha Big Boy shisha tobacco

Al Waha Big Boy shisha tobacco

Stacking watermelon with mint, Al Waha Big Boy packs a fresh flavour punch.

Image of Al-Waha Blueberry Guava shisha tobacco

Al Waha Blueberry Guava shisha tobacco

Like its name suggests, Al Waha Blueberry Guava offers a sweet hit of blueberries and guava.

Image of Al-Waha Blue Lion shisha tobacco

Al Waha Blue Lion shisha tobacco

A flavour with a cool bite, Al Waha Blue Lion delivers a watermelon chill with blueberry and ice.

Image of Al-Waha Blueberry Vanilla Ice Cream shisha tobacco

Al Waha Blueberry Vanilla Ice Cream shisha tobacco

Matching blueberry with vanilla ice cream, Al Waha Blueberry Vanilla Ice Cream is a perfect shisha flavour for dessert.

Image of Al-Waha Bob shisha tobacco

Al Waha Bob shisha tobacco

Can you smoke it? Yes you can! Al Waha Bob will fix your banana and mint shisha cravings.

Image of Al-Waha Casper shisha tobacco

Al Waha Casper shisha tobacco

Don't be scared of Al Waha Casper, the lemon and ice mint flavours are friendlier to your taste buds than you'd think.

Image of Al-Waha Cinnamon Gum shisha tobacco

Al Waha Cinnamon Gum shisha tobacco

If you like Big Red chewing gum, you'll love the combination of cinnamon spice and spearmint in Al Waha Cinnamon Gum.

Image of Al-Waha Dirty Thirty shisha tobacco

Al Waha Dirty Thirty shisha tobacco

You don't have to lower your standards for Al Waha Dirty Thirty. The mixture of lime and ice mint flavours is sublime.

Image of Al-Waha Friday 13 shisha tobacco

Al Waha Friday 13 shisha tobacco

Mixing peach, vanilla, and spearmint flavours makes Al Waha Friday 13 a killer shisha combination.

Image of Al-Waha HotNcold shisha tobacco

Al Waha HotNcold shisha tobacco

You'll be shifting from hot and cold (in a good way) with the blueberry and ice mint flavours of Al Waha HotNcold.

Image of Al-Waha Ice Maracuja shisha tobacco

Al Waha Ice Maracuja shisha tobacco

The exotic flavour of passionfruit with mint infusion makes Al Waha Ice Maracuja a delight to smoke.

Image of Al-Waha I Love 69 shisha tobacco

Al Waha I Love 69 shisha tobacco

What's not to love about the fruity flavours of watermelon-honey mingled with melon and passionfruit in Al Waha I Love 69?

Image of Al-Waha Libella Swing shisha tobacco

Al Waha Libella Swing shisha tobacco

Get your swing on with the citrus smack of orange, a strong dose of guava and refreshing mint aftertaste from Al Waha Libella Swing.

Image of Al-Waha Melon Berry shisha tobacco

Al Waha Melon Berry shisha tobacco

For a subtly sweet smoke, the mix of honeydew melon and blueberries in Al Waha Melon Berry will more than suffice.

Image of Al-Waha One Day shisha tobacco

Al Waha One Day shisha tobacco

One day, or another, you really need to try the prickly flavours of lime and spearmint in Al Waha One Day.

Image of Al-Waha Panrasna shisha tobacco

Al Waha Panrasna shisha tobacco

Al Waha Pan Rasna provides a floral earthy aroma and cool mint aftertaste. A subcontinental delicacy, this could be your new favourite flavour.

Image of Al-Waha Strawberry Cream shisha tobacco

Al Waha Strawberry Cream shisha tobacco

Just like the lolly by the same name, Al Waha Strawberry Cream delivers the sweet and smooth tastes of strawberries and whipped cream.

Image of Al-Waha Sweet Shock shisha tobacco

Al Waha Sweet Shock shisha tobacco

Al Waha Sweet Shock drives home the strong sweet flavours of watermelon and passionfruit.

Image of Al-Waha Swiss Bon Bon shisha tobacco

Al Waha Swiss Bon Bon shisha tobacco

The gum and minty ice infusion of Al Waha Swiss Bon Bon creates a sweet, chewy smoking sensation.

Image of Al-Waha Tornado shisha tobacco

Al Waha Tornado shisha tobacco

The strong mint blend of Al Waha Tornado will whip you into a shisha flavour frenzy.

And if all these flavours aren't enough, you can check out our shisha blends and mixes blog article for blends featuring Al-Waha flavours. Happy smoking!

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