Top 6 shisha flavours for summer

October 24, 2018

Image of woman smoking shisha on the beach in summer

Approaching the end of October, the official start of summer in Australia is just over a month away. As the days grow longer, we begin to spend more time outside enjoying the warmer weather and added daylight. Aside from regular family BBQs, summer presents the perfect opportunity to sit around the hookah with friends and family and enjoy the taste of flavoured shisha over a good conversation. To help you get into the summer spirit, we’ve selected our top 6 shisha flavours for summer 2018.

  1. Heaven Leaf Mango teabacco: With notes of ripened peach and cantaloupe, Heaven Leaf Mango teabacco is the ultimate shisha flavour for summer. The smoke from Heaven Leaf Mango offers a sweet yet complex taste in the mouth, without the acidic aftertaste. Heaven Leaf Mango teabacco is great when smoked on its own, or can be paired with other fruity or tropical flavours.
  2. Heaven Leaf Watermelon teabacco: Heaven Leaf Watermelon is a very versatile smoke and can be enjoyed during the hot summer days as well as the cooler nights. Floral and juicy, Heaven Leaf Watermelon teabacco combines hints of cantaloupe, honeydew, and cherry dipped in diluted sugar syrup. Playful and light, it works best with berry, sweet, tropical and fruity flavours.
  3. Heaven Leaf Pina Colada teabacco: Heaven Leaf Pina Colada is like a long-awaited holiday to an exotic coastal destination. With candied pineapple and refreshing coconut, this tropical blend allows you to slip effortlessly into holiday mode – even after a long day at work. Carrying notes of oak and aged rum, this island favourite will have you sailing away in sheer bliss.
  4. Heaven Leaf Strawberry teabacco: Heaven Leaf Strawberry produces a light array of rose, ripened fruit, grass, and champagne flavours with smacks of seasoned jam and balsamic vinegar. Like a soft breeze through flowers, the taste of Heaven Leaf Strawberry teabacco is complex yet airy and goes well with creamy, fruity, or berry flavours, making it a great choice for dessert!
  5. Heaven Leaf Peach teabacco: The smoke from Heaven Leaf Peach can be described as pungent whilst remaining silky smooth on the throat. Hints of nectarine citrus, pepper, and ginger offer a fragrantly floral experience with a spicy aftertaste. If you’d prefer less bite, mix Heaven Leaf Peach with a creamy or fruity flavoured teabacco to help emphasise the fruity highlights.
  6. Heaven Leaf Grape teabacco: Heaven Leaf Grape will quench your thirst for shisha in the heat of summer. A concerto of floral jam, sweet citrus and tart juice, Heaven Leaf Grape teabacco is ripe for the picking and as alluring as a basket of fruit fresh from the Farmer’s Market.

Whilst those teabacco flavours are our preferred choices for summer, there are another 25 different Heaven Leaf flavours to choose from. Also, if you haven’t read our blog Which shisha tobacco flavour are you? it may help if you’re struggling to choose a flavour from all the options!

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