Top 7 shisha accessories for Christmas 2019

November 19, 2019

Image of Christmas hookah pipe at the beach in summer smoking shisha

You know that Christmas is just around the corner when everything in life seems to get a little bit busier. There's more traffic on the roads, it's harder to find a carpark, and you can't get an appointment for anything until mid-January! But thanks to online shopping Aussies no longer have to stress out at crowded shopping centres trying to find last-minute Christmas gifts for friends and family. Nowadays you can pretty much buy anything online, even presents for shisha lovers and hookah aficionados (so no awkward conversations with store staff). To help out those not familiar with hookah paraphernalia, we've come up with our list of the top 7 shisha accessories for Christmas 2019.

Firebrand Coco Fingers and Firebrand Coco Cubes - From $6.00

Shisha smokers don't compromise their smoking experience with inferior charcoal, so we only stock the best. Firebrand Coco Fingers and Coco Cubes are made from 100% single origin virgin coconut, providing a cleaner and more consistent burn. Available in 1 kg and 10 kg packs, to suit any Christmas budget.

Ice Chambers - $10.00

While we're all dreaming of a White Christmas, the reality is that it's more likely to be over 40 degrees Celsius than snowing at Christmas time in Australia. That's why an Ice Chamber is such a thoughtful present as the ice chills the shisha smoke to a cool temperature for the smoothest, coldest, and most enjoyable hookah experience imaginable! Compatible with most silicone and long handle hoses featuring removable mouthpieces.

Silicone Vortex Bowl - $10.00

With a choice of five different colours - Black, Blue, Red, Green, and Yellow - you're sure to find one of our Silicone Vortex Bowls to match your friend's shisha pipe. Silicone bowls are much easier to clean (they're dishwasher-safe) and don't require additional grommets to fit. The Vortex design provides superior heat management too, which your friend will thank you for.

Heaven Leaf Date Teabacco - From $15.00

Let your friends and family enjoy the taste of Christmas Pudding, without all the calories! Heaven Leaf Date flavoured shisha teabacco is made from 100% all-natural black tea leaves, and contains no nicotine, tar, carcinogens, chemicals, dyes, or artificial ingredients. The perfect choice after a huge Christmas meal to relax and let the food digest.

Silicone Hose - $15.00

Hookah hoses deteriorate over time and require replacing to maintain an air-tight seal when smoking the Hubbly Bubbly. Available in four colours - Black, Blue, Red, and Green - a new Silicone Hose would make a practical and thoughtful gift.

Monkey O's - $5.00

On sale for only $5, Monkey O's Smoke & Vape Trick Kits can provide hours of cheap entertainment. The patented Monkey O's design offers the easiest way to blow smoke rings and smoke bubbles, so anyone can look like a pro. With eight different colours to choose from (Black, Red, White, Blue, Orange, Pink, Purple, and Glow), the kit includes a Monkey O device, Monkey Juice solution (for blowing smoke bubbles), and a foam applicator pad. An ideal Christmas stocking stuffer.

Aaliyah Shisha Kit - $130.00

I know we said this guide was just hookah accessories, but the sale price of $130 for an Aaliyah Shisha Kit is just too good not to mention! At the time of publishing this article we still have stock in Blue, Red, and Silver but stock is selling fast. The Aaliyah hookah pipe makes for a great group Christmas present, or even the perfect table centrepiece for Christmas parties.

We hope that this Christmas gift guide is helpful when you're trying to choose presents for those ‘hard to buy for' friends and family. On behalf of the team at Shisha Works, we wish you a safe and enjoyable Christmas 2019.

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