Top 7 shisha flavours for winter

June 13, 2019

Top 7 shisha flavours for winter

Just because winter has hit doesn't mean you have to pack away your hookah. Whether you prefer smoking shisha tobacco or teabacco, there are plenty of shisha flavours that are perfect for winter, some of which you might not have considered smoking before. Whilst anything fruity goes well in summer, the cooler winter weather lends itself to more earthy and robust shisha teabacco flavours. To help you battle through the winter months, here are our top 7 shisha flavours to fire up the argileh.

  1. Heaven Leaf Espresso teabacco: Like the hot kick of a strong Italian espresso, Heaven Leaf Espresso teabacco will heat you up and pick you up at the same time. With the unmistakable scent of roasted coffee, this shisha flavour features earthy traces of ripened dark fruits and toasted wood. Although bold, Heaven Leaf Espresso teabacco won't overpower other flavours when mixed. Best enjoyed with a cup of coffee, or over a creamy dessert.
  2. Heaven Leaf Caramel teabacco: Heaven Leaf Caramel teabacco is as comforting as a warm blanket in front of an open fire. The sweet and gooey sensation of smoking Caramel teabacco includes hints of brown sugar, rum, and maple. For a more complex taste, mix with creamy flavours such as Heaven Leaf Cheesecake Fudge teabacco or smoke with a creamy dessert.
  3. Heaven Leaf Maple Pancake teabacco: Quite possibly our favourite shisha flavour for winter, the strong and vast array of flavours in Heaven Leaf Maple Pancake teabacco aren't recommended for the fainthearted. Tones of deep vanilla, aged bourbon, caramelised brown sugar, cinnamon, clove, hazelnut, and honey can all be found in Heaven Leaf Maple Pancake teabacco. Works great with either fruity or creamy shisha tobacco flavours, or with a glass of your favourite brown spirit or liqueur.
  4. Heaven Leaf Peppermint teabacco: Much stronger in taste than its little brother Spearmint, smoking Heaven Leaf Peppermint teabacco feels like you're breathing in the air on top of Mount Everest! The sensation of exhaling what feels like icy-cold smoke offers a great contrast when sitting around a gas outdoor heater or in an outdoor spa.
  5. Heaven Leaf Double Apple teabacco: If you're looking for a fruity flavour that can hold its own during the colder months, Heaven Leaf Double Apple teabacco is your answer. The bold and aromatic combination of liquorice and anise mixes wonderfully well with the fruity taste of apple to bring a new twist to a classic shisha tobacco flavour. A popular choice at winter parties.
  6. Heaven Leaf Peanut Butter teabacco: Inhaling the smoke from Heaven Leaf Peanut Butter teabacco is like a mouthful of the spread that bears the same name, smooth and creamy. Smatterings of roasted nuts, olive oil, and warm milk can be found in this earthy flavour, which is best paired with berry or creamy options.
  7. Heaven Leaf Chai Spice teabacco: Last but certainly not least, the smoke from Heaven Leaf Chai Spice teabacco delivers a spicy and complex mix of tastes, including cinnamon, ginger, pepper, and cardamom. Heaven Leaf Chai Spice teabacco is a great choice when you want to sit back and relax.

If you're running low on shisha tobacco or want to try a new flavour of shisha teabacco, you can order from the warmth and comfort of your own home by buying shisha teabacco online in Australia. This is especially handy in winter when you’d rather be indoors than driving around in the cold and wet weather trying to find a hookah stockist or tobacconist! We stock 30 flavours of Heaven Leaf teabacco for you to try, so you can buy online today.

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