Welcome MR. EDS to Australia – Introducing the new standard in premium quality shisha / hookah pipes

June 15, 2021

Image of MR. EDS hookah pipe store

Shisha Works are proud to introduce MR. EDS hookah pipes to Australia. The Turkish nargile (also spelled nargileh or narghile) manufacturer is renowned for designing some of the most elaborate and beautiful shisha pipes in the world. MR. EDS attention to detail, use of premium materials, and massive range of hookah models and colours make them a great addition to any shisha aficionado's collection. The only problem (if you'd call it a problem) is that once you've tried a MR. EDS hookah pipe, you won't want to smoke shisha out of anything else!

MR. EDS E11 Superman

The baby of the MR. EDS range at a height of 19 cm, this desktop hookah pipe combines anodised aluminium external components (including an ash tray), a 304L stainless steel downstem (with inbuilt diffuser), a coloured silicone hose, and coloured glass vase. Available in green, red, blue, black, and purple.

MR. EDS E22 Sampiyon XL

Turkish for “Champion”, the E22 Sampiyon XL stands a whopping 57 cm tall and is made from aluminium external components, a 304L stainless steel downstem (with inbuilt diffuser), handmade glass vase, and coloured silicone hose. Also features an ash tray, hose hook, 3 purge valves, and is available in blue, black, silver, green, purple, and gold.

MR. EDS E29 Boss

Measuring an efficient 45 cm, you'll feel like a boss owning this hookah pipe. The E29 Boss mixes anodised aluminium external components, a 304L stainless steel downstem (with inbuilt diffuser), coloured silicone hose, an ash tray, and hose holder. Available in red, blue, black, silver, gold, purple, green, and yellow.

MR. EDS E32 Wood

Made from 304L stainless steel with a wooden hose handle, wooden stem exterior, and decorative crystal sapphire glass vase, the E32 Wood oozes class. Featuring a new generation purge system, adjustable diffuser, ash tray, hose holder, and measuring in at solid 52 cm. Available in red, green, natural, and brown.

MR. EDS E35 World Champion

A colourful glass vase and 5 purge valves are what jump out most about the E35 World Champion. Made from 304L stainless steel and standing 48 cm in height, the E35 World Champion also includes an ash tray, inbuilt diffuser, and a leather carry case. Available in blue, red, smoked, and clear.

MR. EDS E24 Big Boss Pro (Carbon)

The E24 Big Boss Pro (Carbon) is made from 304L stainless steel, with a carbon fibre hose handle, carbon fibre stem exterior and carbon fibre downstem (with adjustable diffuser). Available in both black carbon and white carbon finishes, this 46 cm model includes a hose holder and leather carry case.

MR. EDS E16 Thin Bell

At 25 cm in height, the E16 Thin Bell is one beautifully crafted desktop hookah pipe. Made from 304L stainless steel and sporting a single purge valve and ash tray, the E16 Thin Bell features a decorative glass vase perched atop a wooden base. A leather carry case is also included.

MR. EDS E31 Joystick Pro

The E31 Joystick Pro is both stunning and functional in its design. The 304L stainless steel components feature decorative laser etching and look fantastic paired with a decorative crystal sapphire glass vase. The 4 purge valves double as hose connectors, and incorporate swivel joints to prevent kinked hoses and unstable hookahs. At 55 cm this is a big unit, and includes an adjustable diffuser, an ash tray with hose holder, tongs, and leather carry case.

MR. EDS E39 Kompressor

The holy grain of hookah pipes, the E39 Kompressor comes with everything but the kitchen sink. Made from 304L stainless steel and standing a majestic 51 cm, the E39 Kompressor includes 2 separate vases (a clear decorative crystal sapphire glass vase and a black marble decorative glass vase), premium hose, Oblako phunnel bowl, adjustable air flow (to change the draw), purge system, under-vase LED light, hose holder, tongs, poker, shisha fork, and even a cleaning spray & cloth. With so much included, a wooden carry crate is provided to store and transport everything.

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