What are the benefits of using Hookah Accessories?

March 21, 2022

What are the benefits of using Hookah Accessories?

With some many accessories available in the market for your shisha and hookah’s it’s hard to determine what you need sometimes or what you should try to level up your shisha game, so we have complied a list of the basic accessories to help you.

What Bowl to use for Shisha?

Known as shisha bowl or shisha head. The shisha bowl without a doubt is one of the most important parts of your shisha set up with two main style to choose from.

The phunnel (funnel) bowl is the more modem newer to market style of bowl, than the traditional Egyptian clay bowl like you would find on a Khalil Mamoon shisha.

With the modern technology and shisha becoming more popular in the current years bowl manufactures have started using different materials include pottery, silicon, ceramic, and stone clays within the making of new bowls.  With every bowl there are pros and cons.

When selecting a more premium bowl you will see improved heat distribution for a longer lasting session, and you can select the bowl size and style that works best with your selected flavours.

What is the best Hose to use on my Hookah?

Each hose has its strength and weaknesses There are a lot of different hoses on the market, and it can be hard to choose but let’s make it easy.

The traditional hoses, like Khalil Mamoon hose most of this style hose has an exotic appearance you can run water through them to clean however the water can degrade the hose lining and will lead to an early death for the hose.

Option two is a silicon hose which has taken over the “hookverse” by storm as most are a high-quality, medical grade silicone material the likes of which is used in hospitals and science labs.

A major advantage to using silicone hoses is that they are much more resistant to flavor ghosting, which means you get fresh taste from each hookah session. They are also a lot more flexible and lighter than traditional hoses, making for easy storage and even easier passing amongst friends!

The simple summary for understanding what hose to select is, if you smoke the same shisha same flavour go a traditional hose and the flavour with get stronger as the hose absorbs it, but if you regularly switch up the flavours go with a silicon hose that you can wash out after ever use so you don’t have the flavour from your previous session.

To wash a silicon hose simply rinse with warm or warm soapy water and hang out to dry.

What is a heat management for shisha?

Heat managements are also known as heat management systems or HMDs. Heat management devices sit above a hookah bowl and replace the traditional foil or chimney set.

Hookah heat management devices offer a superior smoking experience by providing the shisha smoker with control over the burn-rate of the hookah coal using variable vents that can be opened and closed.

This means that you can control the temperature that the coal burns at, and therefore the intensity and smoothness of the shisha tobacco. With so many brands and now hookah company’s making their own style its one of the easiest ways to up your shisha game.

What is a personal mouth tip?

Personal Mouth tip are become even more popular. Not only to keep germs to yourself in style but also as they generally come attached to a lanyard you don’t run the risk of losing it through the session or forgetting which one is yours like with the disposable mouth tips.

With companies emerging around the world with amazing designs and a variety of materials such as wood, resin, and stainless steel just to name a few there is sure to be a design for everyone. The other major benefit is that these unique mouth tips generally offer better air flow than the cheaper disposable mouthpieces.

Maybe not something essential to every hookah session but still a must-have hookah accessory for style points in our eyes.

Why should I use shisha tongs?

You may not think that shisha tongs are an accessory you may need, however it can make all the difference for your carpet lol.

Using High-quality hookah tongs go a long way in making your hookah setup and session adjustments easier to manage.

Having a set of strong aluminum tongs allows you to move hot hookah charcoal safely and in style. Most premium tongs offer non-slip grip with a sleek, modern look. Securely transfer burning coals from burner to bowl with confidence. An essential hookah accessory that also adds flair to your setup.

So that’s a wrap on our guide to shisha accessories, if you are ready to shop now to up your shisha game click the link


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