What are the newest hookah pipes available in Australia?

June 07, 2022

What are the newest hookah pipes available in Australia?

As Australia starts to catch up in the technology of Shisha and Hookah pipes that have been ranged around the world for the past few years there are so many new Shisha brands hitting the marketplace.

Whilst brands like Khalil Mamoon are still widely regarding and sold across Australia and New Zealand, many shisha lovers are looking for newer, modern, and engineered Hookah pipes when shopping today.

Whether you’re visiting a local Shisha Bar or Hookah Lounge, or catching up with friends for a shisha session, chances are you have started seeing newer looking pipes, in a variety of colours, sizes and styles.

Every brand has their own unique selling points, and it is great to see so many options now available in the market to suit every shisha lover’s taste and style.

At Shisha Works, the team spent a lot of time researching different brands that were being produced around the globe and landed on Turkey’s leading brand Mr. Eds.

Not only is the Mr. Eds range filled with Hookahs that look and work differently, but the key point was that they engineer every pipe to ensure the highest quality shisha kit and they have managed to create pipes that offer superior smoke performance regardless of your choice of flavours.  That’s right they work for Herbal, Blonde leaf and dark leaf tobacco smokers.

With so many models in the Mr. Eds Hookah range we thought it was time to take you through some of the top models that have hit the market.

E-11 Superman

It may be small but as its name suggest it’s powerful in performance made from aluminum and has a stainless steel down stem.  The simple click on system to the glass base makes it easy to fill and clean after use. Featuring a unique purge that makes it enjoyable to smoke.

Available in a variety of colours, this is the perfect shisha for a quick session because of the previously mentioned  easy clean and set up. The SUPERMAN has the power to blow the large clouds you need from a quick and compact Turkish made shisha kit.


E-25 Bodyguard

Based on the popular Big Boss Pro model. The BODYGUARD has come out as the bigger and stronger brother. Since the lower and upper pipes are large in diameter, it offers a smooth and comfortable open draw which enable large clouds to be produced.

This hookah is fully assembled ready to be transported wherever your choice with the leather carrying case that is generously included with every purchase.

The glass used for the base is thick and resistant to impacts.  The name Bodyguard means strong, tough, and solid and that's what you get with the BODYGUARD.  The Bodyguard shisha kit is all made of Stainless-Steel parts and includes a special cut decorated base, 40 cm stainless steel mouthpiece with groves to allow for attachment to the tray, 2mm thick stainless-steel Tray, height adjustable diffuser, and soft touch silicone hose.

Available with either Gold or Black feature colours. 

The total height is approximately 60cm.

If you are trying to compare this to another model, the STEAMULATION shisha kit would be the closest we could find.


E-24 Big Boss Pro X

If you are wanting to go straight to the #1 selling Shisha worldwide from the Mr. Eds range, then you are after the E24 Big Boss Pro X. With its high quality design and leading engineering, the Big Boss Pro X from Mr. Eds is setting the standards for modern shishas to beat.

The draw is balanced perfectly to ensure you can produce large clouds without compromising flavour. The entire hookah pipe is made from stainless steel including the mouthpiece, diffuser, and tray. Finished with a decorative vase that is embossed on the base with either silver or gold features. Added to the set is tongs, lance hanger wing, cleaning cloth, hookah hose spring and base protector.

What makes this Hookah so impressive?

The Big Boss Pro X hookah pipe has a specially designed smoke purge system, 4-stage special diffuser, and silent mode additional diffuser.

When you thought it could not get any better, than Mr. Eds adds a high-quality genuine leather carry bag with special Hookah carry compartments to it, everything in this shisha kit has its place.

In a nutshell this is the ultimate shisha pipe in our opinion with the hookah having everything you would expect from a leading shisha brand.

The total height is approximately 46cm.


Also in the Big Boss Series is a Carbon version available in Black or White, which offers different features to the Pro X. 

E-54 Republic 1923

Whilst the Republic is one of the newest ranged models, it is quickly becoming one of our most popular. The Republic hookah is for those of you who are looking for a classic and traditional hookah set that can be enjoyed in many ways.

This hookah set was inspired by the traditional coffee shop hookah pipes seen in turkey and produced with the same brass materials. 

The brass materials within the design allow for you to enjoy this hookah as a single flavour only set, by ensuring that you get the most intense taste by smoking the same flavour and letting the flavour absorb into the brass pieces along with the traditional leather hose that is included.

If you are wanting the traditional look but love changing up your flavours for each session, the Republic offers this also.  With its easy to clean, simply remove the stem from the vase and clean with your standard hookah cleaning brush after each session.

This pipe offers modern performance perfectly coupled with the traditional look and style. This is the model for Khalil Mamoon smokers ready to level up their shisha game.


With so many models in the range the other key mentions we have are:



E-46 LOVE 

With a leading manufacturer like Mr. Eds, they are constantly growing the range so new models are arriving soon like E- 15 TUGLA, E – 30 4 PORT and E-50 IRON MAN just to name a few along with a wide range of accessories.

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