What is Hookah etiquette?

January 21, 2022

What is Hookah etiquette?

Summer is here and it is the perfect time to invite family and friends around to enjoy the well-known smoking tradition of Hookah, but it’s always good to ensure you have some Hookah etiquette rules covered so everyone feels included and it’s a great time for all.

Who should I include in my shisha event?

Not everyone is a shisha smoker, but when you are holding an event and shisha is present it is polite to offer all guests there to try without pressure. Ensure that you take them through what Hookah is and maybe offer for them to select the flavour of a bowl.

Who starts the hookah session?

The host. Like any common etiquettes for events, it is always polite for the host to start the session unless they instruct otherwise.

How do you pass the hookah hose?

Always point the top mouthpiece towards your chest and pass the hose to the next person in the rotation by pointing the bottom of the mouthpiece, where it joins to the hose, towards them in your right hand.

Which way should the rotation go?

It is considered custom to pass the hookah to your right and go clockwise around the group of shisha smokers. Ensure your check the rules in the country you are smoking as some countries consider it rude to pass the pipe instead opting for smokers to place the hose down or using only the right hand to pass the hose.

Do you use the same mouth tip with every smoker?

The mouth tip (the long part attached to the hose) stays the same, but you attach your plastic smoking tip before you commence your turn. Once you have finished your session and are passing the hose off to the next person ensure you remove your plastic mouthpiece, so it is ready for them. You securely hold your mouthpiece until your next turn.

If you are sick or feeling unwell, think of others and refrain from smoking from a shared hookah pipe.

How many puffs do I get before passing the Hookah on?

It is a common rule that you have four to five puffs prior to passing the hose forward. However, if you have decided to tell a long story, think before you start speaking and pass the hose across before starting as others should not have to wait for your 15-minute story to end prior to getting their puffs on.

How do I exhale correctly?

Think about how you would feel if someone was to blow smoke in your face. It is not nice, this is part of Hookah etiquette, ensure that your exhales are not going in anyone’s face. If you need to turn away to exhale.

What happens when more than 1 hose is in use on a hookah?

With multiple hoses connected guests need to be thoughtful, let 1 person finish before you start smoking.  Once they have finished inhaling then you can blow back to clear the chamber (base) before you commence your inhale.

What to do when you have finished your session?

The bowl is winding up and you are ready to leave the hookah behind for now, how do you show that the session is over? Gentle wrap the hose around the base of the hookah. Also by placing the coal of the bowl and resting on the tray. Do not leave the hose resting on a chair this is considered rude and disrespectful.

So now it’s time to update your Hookah Pipe (link underlined to shisha kits on our website) if you haven’t already and invite over all the family and friends you have missed catching up with over the past few two years.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to the team


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