What is teabacco?

September 17, 2018

Image of teabacco and tobacco leaves

Teabacco, as its name suggests is produced from the leaves of Camellia sinensis, more commonly known as the tea plant. Teabacco is normally smoked out of a shisha (hookah or argileh) and is best known for its superior flavours and as a more natural alternative to tobacco. The search for a non-tobacco based shisha lead Heaven Leaf to the tea leaf, having the most similar texture, feel, and smoking characteristics to that of tobacco; but without all the artificial and carcinogenic additives.

What is the difference between teabacco and tobacco?

The main difference between teabacco and tobacco is that tobacco contains the highly addictive stimulant nicotine, whereas teabacco doesn’t. It is believed that high quality teabacco such as Heaven Leaf teabacco, which is made from 100% all-natural black tea leaves, releases significantly less carcinogenic chemicals than tobacco when smoked. Those who wish to avoid the negative effects of tobacco but don't want to lose the positive effects of nicotine can always add a few drops of liquid nicotine to their shisha bowl. Another difference is that Heaven Leaf teabacco contains 100% natural sugar syrup, which doesn’t mask the teabacco flavours or have a burnt taste like regular honey and molasses found in mu’assel (shisha tobacco). All in all, teabacco offers lighter and smoother flavours, more smoke, less throaty-feeling, and a longer smoking session overall when compared to smoking tobacco.

What are the benefits of teabacco?

As well as being a much safer and natural alternative to smoking tobacco, teabacco offers more natural flavouring options that tobacco. Heaven Leaf teabacco combines OP grade black tea leaves sourced from Ceylon with the actual extracts of flavours to create a lighter, unique taste when smoked. Using the actual extracts (instead of artificially-produced chemical flavouring) allows many subtle flavours to be created. There are the traditional flavours including double apple (anise apple), watermelon, lemon, and mint; and then there are more exotic teabacco flavours such as bubble gum, cheesecake fudge, cotton candy,maple pancake, and pina colada. With over 30 flavours available, there's sure to be a flavour or two to suit your taste palate.

Is teabacco safe?

Teabacco is made by combining processed tea leaves with sugar syrup, flavouring, and vegetable glycerine to produce a nice thick smoke. By avoiding artificial and carcinogenic additives, teabacco is a more natural alternative to smoking tobacco. Teabacco is not intended to be consumed like regular tea. Although teabacco doesn't contain tobacco or the many associated artificial and carcinogenic additives, smoking in general poses its own health risks. For more information on the effects of smoking tobacco and tobacco-related products please consult a doctor or health professional.

Is teabacco legal?

Yes, teabacco is 100% legal. In Australia you must 18 years or older to purchase tobacco-related products, the category that teabacco falls under. Shisha Works are the exclusive distributors of Heaven Leaf teabacco in Australia and New Zealand and stock the full range of flavours for retail and wholesale purchases.

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