What Shisha foil should I use for my Hookah?

May 07, 2022

What Shisha foil should I use for my Hookah?

The subject on hookah foil or heat screens estrangement is one that can go on for hours. But let’s keep it simple and talk about hookah foils and how they are different in styles, thickness, and shape.

With any hookah set up there needs to be a layer between the coal and tobacco, aluminum foil is the most common layer used to act as the cover to assist in heating the tobacco.

As an alternative, some people use a metal screen for the same reason. Although many say that aluminum foil is better, it all depends on personal preferences.

Shisha smokers who prefer using foil often do so because can be a cheaper option and or because they believe it manages the heat better.  There is no right or wrong answer and with the many varieties available for purchase the quality can differ and effect the session if you are not using specifically designed Shisha foil. I personally do believe that you can manage heat better, but I do also use heat screens and heat managements, it depends on the bowl I am creating.

Hookah users who are more experienced ultimately like to have control over the heat while using their shisha, and aluminum foil defiantly has its advantages as you can move heat on your bowl by moving your coals closer to the outer or inner side of the bowl. Also, making your holes lager or more frequent can allow heat to enter the bowl and heat up your shisha tobacco.

This means that the heat will spread more evenly over the tobacco.  When covering your bowl with the foil and getting an airtight or drum like seal also helps keep in the heat to get bigger clouds. The fit of your foil is an essential part to the preparation.

Shisha foil comes in sheets or rolls and can be circle, rectangular or square in shape.  Some brands have even pre poked the holes to make it as simple as possible. All brand offer their version and we suggest trying different ones until you find your perfect fit.

How to put holes into your shisha foil.

Once your bowl has your shisha tobacco added, take one sheet of your Hookah foil, and place it over the bowl with the foil sheet centered over the bowl as best you can.

Next, press down around the sides of the bowl ensuring that the foil is firmly in place. Turn bowl in hand as you seal the foil all the way around the bowl.

Using a Hookah poker start creating your holes on the outer section of the foil, placing holes evenly around the entire top in a circular motion. Repeat this for 3-4 circles working in towards the middle.

Alternatively, use and apple on top base as a stencil and place over the foil and poke holes as shown on this heat management device.

Can I use kitchen foil for my shisha?

Many shisha smokers use your standard kitchen foil, this is generally thinner and not custom made for the heat of the coals.  You may need multiple layers to prevent your shisha tobacco from burning due to the thinner foil transferring more heat, but once again this is personal preference.

Shisha Foils are our preference, as they are thicker, and the standard is measured at around 40 microns ensuring only one layer is needed per bowl.

So, now you have your tips and tricks for Shisha foil, to shop for your new foil or poker head to our website for all things shisha accessories.

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