What Tea should I drink with my Hookah?

March 07, 2022

What Tea should I drink with my Hookah?

Originally from India and Egypt and in more recent days around the world people are going to hookah bars to drink tea or coffee, smoke hookah, and engage in friendly conversation.

With tea becoming ever so popular in Australia and the range of teas has become as large as shisha flavours. So, how do you decide what is the best tea to pair with your shisha flavour? It is all very personal.

From a hot pot of tea to cold tea over ice for the summer nights the serving ways are as endless as the flavour list.

Tea is an important part of hookah culture so pairing your favourite shisha flavors with any herbal tea is the perfect way to improve the taste and enjoyment of your hookah

The obvious answer is the flavour you smoke in your hookah pipe, pick the same flavour of tea to drink but that is not that exciting. So, we have put together a small list of the most common tea and flavors that we think work great together

Let’s start with the basic tea flavours that will work with any hookah flavour.

Mint tea

Why mix mint into any shisha flavour when you can enjoy a hot mint tea as you puff away on your shisha.  Having a fresh brew of mint tea will not only smooth your mouth with the minty freshness and also refresh your moth to intensify your flavour when you take each puff.

Black tea

The traditional Double -apple hookah flavour is perfectly paired with black tea as is as traditional as it gets.  This pairing of the most well-known shisha flavour, Double-apple which is also known as d-apple or two apple flavour is a great mix of green apple and red apple with aniseed paired with black tea hits the spot. It’s like smoking your shisha at a traditional shisha café in Istanbul, both strong flavors that you will enjoy. We also find having an ice-cold glass of water to wash it all down really gives you fresh feeling after the two strong flavors from the tea and shisha.

Green Tea

Anything Mint in your shisha flavour paired with Green Tea.  Mint is one of the most popular flavors that every shisha lounge will stock but can be extraordinarily strong so that why people use it as a mixer, but we recommend with any mint flavors to pair with a cup of green tea. Green tea alone has many benefits to your personal wellbeing so why not enjoy it with your shisha.

Peach Iced Tea

Lemon hookah flavour enjoy with peach iced tea. Not only cools your session but will add a fruit taste to your shisha with the citrus of the lemon. The cool sweet fruity peach gives you a great lining on your palate and tones down the sharp citrus bite.

Chai Tea

Blueberry and Chai tea. Chai tea is a great tea to consume but which flavour to mix with it? We have tried fruit mix flavors and blueberry which surprisingly hit the spot. The combination of tarte and sweet blueberry with the milky spice chai flavour works well. Chai with its strong black tea, cinnamon, ginger, and other spices give it a great smooth mix in the back of the throat.

Turkish Coffee

This last one is not tea, but Turkish coffee and my personal favorite. Turkish coffee is a strong coffee that I think works with any shisha hookah session after every sip you are back to the start of your shisha session as the coffee is so bold strong in flavour and lines the inside of your mouth making it perfect and ready for every inhale.

Hopefully, there is one or two teas you will try with your next shisha, and we would love to hear what your favourite tea pairing is to try even more winning Shisha / Tea combinations.

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