What is Hookain Intensify stones for hookah?

Steam stones offer quite a different experience to smoking traditional shisha tobacco. Unlike shisha that is made from plant-based substances like tobacco leaves or tea leaves, steam stones are special porous rocks that have been cleaned then coated in a flavoured liquid molasses. So, while tobacco leaves and tea leaves combust (burn) and release flavoured smoke when subjected to the heat from the hookah coals, the flavoured liquid molasses coating on the stones vaporises and emits a flavoured steam that is inhaled by the hookah smoker. The steam stones themselves can withstand high temperatures and therefore do not combust. Since the flavoured liquid glycerine is added to the steam stones, the manufacturer can choose to include or exclude nicotine during production.

Hookain Intensify Stones are the herbal / nicotine-free variant of its steam stones and are a fantastic choice for anyone wanting to dodge nicotine. Since the steam stones release a vapour, they are free from tar too.

Hookain Intensify Stones can also be mixed with other herbal shisha or shisha tobacco to produce different flavours or thicker clouds of smoke.

Hookain Intensify Stones are made and imported from Europe.

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