BOWL: HOOKAIN - LiTLiP Phunnel (XL) Bowl


HOOKAIN LiTLiP XL Phunnel Bowl

If it should take a little longer again ... The LiT LiP XL holds 7g more tobacco than the original.

Bowl Capacity is 20 -25 grams

The depot is slightly deeper, the Phunnel hole is smaller and the outer walls of the depot are narrower.

The lip of the phunnel is roughened and gives your smokebox a particularly good hold.

Hookain work with two different chamotte clays that are perfectly matched to each other and offer you the perfect heat management. The tobacco burns evenly.
The LiT LiP XL produces more donuts than an American bakery.

Due to the larger tobacco depot, you can smoke longer and more intensively overall. See for yourself.

Suitable for:

All flavours of herbal and tobacco products.  Specifically designed for premium flavours that can be a wetter product to ensure the excess molasses doesn't run through your pipe.

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