Looking for the best shisha coal to create the perfect shisha smoke session? You’re in the right place! Here at Shisha Works, you can select from our range to find your perfect coals and accessories. Our natural coals are available in a variety of brands and shapes — plus, we’ve got all the tools you could need to ensure a delightful, tantalising shisha experience. 

All the shisha coal you need — and more! 

The coal you place in your shisha is fundamental to your overall smoking experience. So it makes sense that you’d want to use the best shisha coal. Whether you’re looking for a cube-based slow burn sesh or need the best quick light shisha coal to get things firing quickly, we’ve got what you need. 

Here at Shisha Works, we stock a range of leading shisha coal brands, including Black Wolf, Firebrand, Tom Coco and Naara. We also stock a range of accessories for your coal, too. Our coal burners will have you heating up in no time, while our tongs will ensure that you’re handling everything safely. And, of course, our decorative coal baskets will help add flair to proceedings and enhance the overall experience. 

Sourced from all over the world, we’re committed to bringing you the best possible products so that you can create your ideal smoking experience. Our range of products is constantly evolving, too, so make sure that you check back in regularly to see the latest and greatest additions to the range. 

Quick and easy delivery 

As Australia’s leading online shisha supply store, we offer delivery all over Australia. We ship via Australia Post, using Express Post services to ensure that your products arrive as quickly as possible. All orders are shipped in 1-3 business days — and if you’re based in Melbourne, you can opt for click and collect at our warehouse too. 

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When you’re looking for the best shisha coal, need to stock up on coconut coal shisha or are simply after a new set of tongs, we can help! Additionally, we offer a range of resources to enhance your shisha experience, including our FAQs and blog. You can also contact us directly — we’ll be more than happy to assist you with any questions you may have. 

Our online store is stocked with all of the shisha goodies you can imagine — from complete hookahs to coal to Mufasa herbals, we’ve got it all. So why not explore the complete range today, and make your next shisha session a special one? 


What is shisha coal made of?

Most of the commercially available shisha coals are made from coconut husk. However, some also utilise natural timbers like bamboo, orangewood or lemonwood. Coconut husk tends to be preferred by many, as it’s cost-effective, it burns easily for extended periods and has a minimal effect on the overall flavour of your smoking experience. It’s sometimes referred to as “Coconut coal shisha”. 

How can you light shisha coal?

The best way to light shisha coal is to use a single-coil burner or on an electric stove with an exposed coil. This will allow you to heat them evenly and safely while also ensuring that you can maximise their efficacy once they’re placed into the hookah. Generally, a lighter won’t do the trick — it won’t provide sustained heat for long enough to make it catch, and it won’t allow the coal to heat evenly. 

  • Place your coal on the burner close to each other. It’s fine for them to be touching, too. 
  • Turn the heat on the burner up to the highest setting.
  • Allow them to heat on one side for 4-5 minutes — exact heating times will vary, but this should give you a rough guide. 
  • After this, flip your coals to the other side. Make sure you use tongs; they WILL burn your hands otherwise! 
  • Allow the other side to heat for 1-2 minutes. Again, exact heating times will vary, but you don’t want to leave it for as long as the initial heating. You’re looking to get a red glow going. 
  • Once the coals are glowing red-hot, they’re ready to go into the hookah itself. 

How long does shisha coal last?

The exact burning times will vary, depending on what your shisha coal is made from, what brand it is and what shape it is. But generally, you can expect coconut-based, cube-shaped shisha coal to last about an hour. Flats will generally start to die down in 30-45 minutes, making them preferable for a shorter smoking session. 

Which type of shisha coal is right for me?

There are a few key points for consideration when it comes to shisha coals:  

  • The material it’s made from 
  • How long it takes to heat up 
  • How long it burns 
  • How much it effects the overall flavour 

Though they offer convenience, all but the best quick-light shisha coal tends to be frowned on by long-time smokers. This is because they tend to contain a number of accelerants and other chemical additives, which can mean they can significantly alter the flavour of your shisha experience — and not for the better. They’re also typically manufactured in circular and cuboid shapes, making them a pain to handle with tongs. 

Coconut coal shisha is the most widely used variety and is generally considered to be among the best shisha coal for an overall great smoking experience. It’s not necessarily speedy — you’re usually looking at ten or so minutes of prep time, which isn’t necessarily ideal when you’re in a rush to get to smoking — but they do tend to offer the “purest” shisha experience. 

As you might expect, shisha aficionados and longtime smokers tend to have strong opinions about which shisha coal is best! It’s no different from any other gourmet experience, whether it’s wine, whisky, or cheese. Personal preference plays a huge part, and palates can evolve over time and experience. We’d definitely suggest that you try a few different varieties and see which works best for you.

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