Dive into the world of nicotine-free hookah flavour with our collection of shisha herbal flavours at Shisha Works. With all kinds of flavours available — from Spearmint to Pina Colada, Cherri Zkittlez and more — you can work your way through our selection of the best nicotine-free hookah flavours. You’ll be able to expand your palate with bold new flavours you have never tried before. Browse our collection online today to discover a range of premium shisha products that you are sure to enjoy.

Introducing premium nicotine-free hookah flavours

The range of shisha herbal products available from Shisha Works is all made from the finest ingredients worldwide, offering you premium nicotine-free flavours full of taste and clouds.

We offer products from Mufasa (India) and Hookain Stones (Germany), as well as Heaven Leaf’s Teabacco (USA), all of which focus on providing premium-quality herbal products in a wide variety of flavours. They collectively offer the best nicotine-free hookah flavours you can find in Australia and are well-loved by shisha aficionados across the country. 

You’re sure to be impressed with the sheer variety of our selection. From the smell to the taste to the stylish packaging, our selection of hookah products means that we rank as the number one destination for hookah flavours in Australia. 

Being nicotine-free means that our hookah herbal flavours are completely free from the tar and additive chemicals that you might find in other hookah products. We are proud to stock a wide range of the best hookah flavours, brand options and shisha kits for you to choose from in our online store. You can indulge in your favourite flavours with just a few clicks of a button! 

Buy online with Shisha Works today

If you are looking for the best hookah flavours, brand choices, shisha coals or kits, then look no further than our online store. We are proud to offer information on the fine art of hookah smoking through our blog and our FAQs. Additionally, if you need any further information, you are welcome to contact us. Let us be your guides to an incredible shisha experience.


How do I use your herbal products? 

You can use our nicotine-free hookah flavour selection in the same way that you would use any other hookah flavour. If you mix your hookah herbal flavours with other flavours, you should combine them before packing your shisha bowl. This will help ensure that the resulting flavour is consistent. Simply pack the product into your hookah bowl and consume it as normal. 

What flavours do your herbal products come in? 

The collection of nicotine-free hookah flavours available at Shisha Works is quite broad. You can choose from some of the best nicotine-free hookah flavours in our store, from original flavours like Vanilla and Orange to the more tropical flavours like Fruit Cocktail and Watermelon Sparkler. Whether you just try one or want to taste them all, with such a large collection of flavours to choose from — the sky is the limit! 

Do I need to smoke herbal shisha flavours on their own or can they be mixed?

The beauty of our herbal products is that you can easily mix them with other herbal flavours or even tobacco flavours to create something of a ‘cocktail’ for your shisha sessions. If you choose to smoke hookah herbal flavours on their own, they offer a smooth taste experience without any harsh chemicals or additives. The best hookah flavours, brand options and products enable you to enjoy the best shisha experience. 

What other flavours can I mix Teabacco with? 

The additional flavours you would like to mix your Teabacco with are entirely up to you. It’s a wide world of shisha smoking, and experimentation is highly encouraged. To choose the right combination of flavours, you first need to consider whether you want any nicotine to be added to the mix or if you want to keep things all-natural with a nicotine-free hookah flavour. 

What are nicotine-free hookah flavours made from? 

We stock three herbal brands — Mufasa (India), Hookain Stones (Germany) and Heaven Leaf (USA). So when you purchase a nicotine-free hookah flavour from Shisha Works’ online store, you will be receiving a natural product that is blended together with flavoured molasses. Our herbal hookah flavours are designed to rid your hookah flavour of any nicotine and tar.

Can anyone buy nicotine-free hookah? 

To shop in the Shisha Works online store, you must be over the age of 18 years in Australia. Australian law restricts the sale of hookah and shisha-related products — even if they are nicotine-free — to people over the age of 18 years. 

Do you provide shipping for herbal products? 

As Australia’s leading online store, Shisha Works is proud to offer delivery of the best hookah flavours, brand selections, shisha kits, coals and accessories to anywhere in the country. We use Express Post services from Australia Post to deliver your products to your chosen address. 

All orders are shipped within 1-3 business days. And for those based in Melbourne, we offer a click and collect service from our Melbourne warehouse as well. 

How big are the packs of herbal products from Shisha Works? 

When you’ve chosen your best nicotine-free hookah flavours, the brand selection is what will indicate the size of the hookah packs that are available to you. We stock three main brands in our herbal range, each of which has different pack sizes:

  • Heaven Leaf (100g packs)
  • Hookain Intensify Stones (100g jars) 
  • Mufasa Herbal (250g jars) 

What will I enjoy about a nicotine-free hookah flavour? 

Many of our customers compliment the smooth tastes that our shisha flavours provide. The removal of nicotine and tar dont take away the full flavour and thick clouds of these great products that you can enjoy at your next shisha session. With such a large variety of flavours on offer in our herbal range means that it can cater to almost every palette. 

How do I order herbal products from Shisha Works? 

With Shisha Works, you can shop with us in one of two ways. You can select your favourite nicotine-free hookah flavour and buy online with shipping available Australia wide, or you can make your purchase online through our click and collect service if you are Melbourne-based.

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