Hookahs are an integral part of the shisha experience. A water pipe is designed to deliver a full-bodied flavour experience to the user, it’s also key for setting the mood and aesthetics for the occasion. So when you buy a shisha pipe, you’re not just buying a functional object — you’re making an investment in the entire shisha experience. 

Not to mention how great they can be as display pieces. Hookahs are still an unusual sight in many parts of Australia, and they’re sure to spark conversation no matter where they’re displayed. And you never know — just seeing one in your home may be enough to spark off enthusiasm for shisha in friends who might never have otherwise tried it. 

That’s why we stock an extensive range of unique hookahs for sale at Shisha Works. We source hookahs from leading brands and manufacturers around the world to ensure that every time you fire up the coals you’ll be able to experience a premium shisha session. When you buy a shisha pipe from Shisha Works, you’ll be ensuring that your hookah is truly the centerpiece of your shisha kit. 

Discover unique hookahs for sale with Shisha Works 

Whether you’re looking to replace an existing hookah, need to upgrade to something flashier or are new to the whole world of smoking, you’ll be able to discover the perfect selection right here at Shisha Works. Select from our range of expertly-crafted and exclusive hookah pipes and shisha kits. Each hookah pipe is made from premium materials, including marine-grade stainless steel components, flexible silicone hoses, and durable glass vases. 

Every hookah within the range also offers a visually impressive addition to your chosen shisha spot, allowing it to be a conversation piece during a shisha session and a distinctive decorative feature when it’s not in use. For true shisha devotees, the right hookah can occupy a similar role to high-quality crockery — brought out for special occasions only, it’s a sign of an important event and honoured guests when it makes an appearance. 

And not only do Shisha Works shisha kits look amazing, the click-lock and screw system provides an airtight seal for a superior smoking experience, so you don't have to worry about degrading rubber grommets. At Shisha Works, we’re firm believers that you should be able to enjoy your hookah for many years to come, which is why we only source the best for our range. 

Our shisha pipe prices are also reasonable, meaning that you won’t need to break the bank in order to secure a hookah that’s up to your preferred standards. We want to ensure that the shisha experience is as accessible as possible for both existing and new enthusiasts alike. 

Speedy delivery across the country!

We deliver shisha kits across Australia and New Zealand, including Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Adelaide, and Canberra. All orders are shipped in 1-3 business days, and if you’re based in Melbourne, you can also click ‘n’ collect from our warehouse. 

We also welcome wholesale enquiries and supply many shisha lounges, shisha delivery services and other shops Australia-wide with Shisha Works hookah pipes. 

Shop the complete range at Shisha Works today 

Unsure how to get the most out of your new purchase? No problem! To learn more about the features of Shisha Works shisha kits, read our blog article on how to use a hookah pipe. It’s a great guide for new users, and even longtime shisha users may learn a trick or two as well. 

In addition to our shisha pipes, we also have everything else you’ll need for a complete shisha experience — coals, bowls, bases, Mufasa herbals and much more.  We also offer a number of resources to help you find the products you need and have the ultimate shisha experience, including our FAQs and blog. 

And if you’re not sure what you need, get in touch with us directly — our expert team will help you get your next shisha experience sorted. 


What is best — a single, double, or triple hose hookah?

There’s not really a “best” option for the number of hoses you should have on your hookah. Really, when you buy a shisha pipe, you should be thinking more about how often you plan to use it with friends and family. If you’re primarily a solo shisha user, there’s no real point in having a hookah with two or three hoses. However, if it’s something you do socially, why not invest in a hookah with additional hoses for ease of use? 

What is the ideal height of a hookah?

The ideal height of a hookah depends on personal preference. There is no one size fits all with Hookah pipes or shisha kits. The key tips when purchasing a shisha kit is to ensure all of your shisha accessories will work well with this new Hookah pipe or you make need to buy a new Hookah Bowl in the process.  The smaller shisha kits, are normally easier to transport, however you can always buy a Shisha bag to make travelling with your shisha kits easier. Remember it's not about size it's always about performance with Shisha's and quality hookah pipes will always  perform better as they have engineering behind their design.

What is the difference between a glass and acrylic hookah?

A glass hookah is made with a single piece of hand-blown glass, while an acrylic hookah is made with multiple pieces of moulded plastic. Glass hookahs are typically more durable and have a higher-quality feel, while acrylic hookahs are more affordable and often lighter in weight. It’s not uncommon for dedicated shisha fans to have one or more of each — an acrylic hookah that’s easily portable and a glass one that’s kept at home or brought out specifically for special occasions.  

Is it better to get a heavy or light hookah?

Neither type of hookah is necessarily “better” than the other. Although some people may have personal preferences around the type of materials used for manufacturing hookahs (which in turn informs the weight), there are advantages to both light and heavy hookahs. Light hookahs can be transported far more easily, while some people prefer the in-hand feel and look of a heavier one, both as a smoking implement and as a display piece. You’ll be able to find both varieties right here at Shisha Works. 

How do I know which hookah is best for me?

There’s a big selection of hookahs on the market, and it can be tough to know where to start. But the team at Shisha Works can help — as longtime shisha enthusiasts and retailers, we can talk you through your options. We’ve got a great selection of unique hookahs for sale, designed to suit everyone from the lifelong fan to the complete novice. Just get in touch with our helpful team today, and we’ll be able to talk you through the best options for your hookah needs.