The Shisha Works Story

Through the hazy lounge air, Sal’s eye caught Danielle’s. As the thick tendrils of smoke writhed and whirled through the night like languid, drunken dragons in a choreographed dance of slow ecstasy, he moved towards her. The thick, pungent odours of molasses mixed with apple, mango and spice hung poignantly in the atmosphere, a sensory soundtrack to the growing tension that filled the room as the eastern beats rose like the pounding of their hearts.

As he reached her, they each sensed the gravity, the vulnerability and the expectation of the moment. Wordlessly, Danielle’s dark eyes stared deep into Sal’s as she passed him the hose. Sal took it as if on autopilot, brought it to his lips and inhaled deeply. As his lungs filled with the rich, sweet aromas, his heart and mind filled with the realisation that life would never be the same.

It’s a story as old as time: Boy meets Girl. Boy and Girl smoke Shisha. Boy and Girl fall in love, then start a company importing and distributing the world’s most spectacularly wonderful Shisha teabacco, pipes and related equipment.

Ok, maybe that’s not exactly the way happened. And, it’s possible that this story is not quite as old as time.

What’s undeniable, however, is our absolute passion and commitment to all things Shisha and sharing it with like-minded people all over Australia and New Zealand. Nothing excites us more than the fusion of this magnificent, ancient tradition with modern, innovative technologies that merge it with the 21st Century. However, with few of these products available in our Wide Brown Land and our neighbours across the Tasman, we saw a niche and have thrown our hearts and souls into filling it with our signature zest and fervour.

In a short space of time, Shisha Works has carved out a growing network of stockists for our superlative range of products. These include some of the most delightful and original flavoured teabaccos imaginable from the incredible HeavenLeaf range. Add into the mix the delightfully cheeky Monkey O’s smoke trick kits, and we’re well on the way to achieving our goal of making Shisha more fun, exciting and eclectic than ever before. Additionally, our spectacular Shisha catering service to bring a unique and unforgettable twist to any corporate party or hospitality tent.

Whether you’re a fellow aficionado searching for the most divine flavoured teabaccos on the market, a stockist wanting to add spice and adventure to your range, or a corporation on the hunt for the perfectly exotic flavour to add your next mediterranean themed event, join us in our quest to bring the unbridled joy and pleasure of Shisha to Australia and New Zealand.